Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Research Scientist, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Adjunct Professor, Trent University


Welcome to my research group, based at Trent University. We study the variety of ways in which humans impact wildlife. Humans have become the dominant driver of change to ecological systems, and we seek to understand how such change impacts individual behavior and population dynamics. Most of our work is focused on understanding how animals move through and use space in human-modified landscapes, but our research spans a wide range of fields from animal behavior, to statistical ecology and genomics. We aim to make this work applied in nature, but grounded in ecological and evolutionary theory. Check out who we are and what we do. For interested students or post-docs, take a look at opportunities to join the lab.

Recent News

August 2021

Welcome Shilah and Stephen!

Shilah LeFeuvre and Stephen Sucharzewski will star their MSc degrees in the lab this month. Check out their research here

July 2021

Congratulations to Tyler on successfully completing his candidacy exam

Tyler aced his candidacy exam! Find out more about Tyler’s research here

July, 2021

New lab paper just accepted examining the influence of memory on movement (led by Helena)

Read the paper here

May, 2021

Congratulations Brynn!

Brynn received a competitive QE2 scholarship this year. Read about Brynn’s research here

March 2021

Congratulations Noah and Shilah!

Noah and Shilah successfully finished their honour’s theses and wrapped up their undergrad careers! Both will continue working with the group as summmer students before Noah heads to McGill to begin his PhD and Shilah starts her MSc with the Northrup lab! Check out their research here.

January 2021

Welcome, Kathryn

Kathryn Yarchuk joined the lab as MSc student co-supervised by Dr. Jesse Popp at the University of Guelph. Check out what Kathryn is working on here.